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It impacts employee performance, engagement, morale, wellbeing and retention. Culture also provides the foundation for how organisations deliver services and products to their clients and the experience of those clients.​
Reputational, legal and DEI risk is increasing for organisations and understanding organisational culture is an important way to make positive changes for those affected, to mitigate those risks and brand protection.​

At Howlett Brown, we work alongside organisations to assess and develop their workplace culture through our culture and experience review services, which include analysis and/or advice in respect of:​

  • Culture and experience audits and assessments
  • Processes, systems and controls
  • Policy creation and implementation
  • Recruitment and retention practices
  • People initiatives and communication strategies
  • Whistleblowing and speaking up policies and procedures
  • Building and reviewing management accountability frameworks
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion practices and initiatives
  • Compliance culture practices and how diversity, equity and inclusion interplays with procedures and supervisory expectations

We assess a range of working practices that can impact an organisation’s culture, including how that culture influences the products and services that are delivered to their clients.

We develop solutions to manage associated risks, improving engagement and productivity. We help organisations improve workplace culture, creating a respectful, safe and inclusive working environment. For organisations change can take time and it must complement the brand, good will and strategic objectives of the business.​

To remain competitive in a dynamic market, organisations must deliver a best-in-class service to their customers and attract and retain talent to achieve that aim. The cultural reputation of an organisation is a key factor that people want to understand when choosing where to spend their time, study,work or who to do business with.​

As a result, we tailor our services to the needs of organisations and we work collaboratively with internal teams to ensure that practical and accessible strategies are implemented, which support the organisation’s core values and achieve maximum engagement from the broader workforce and customer base

Our comprehensive approach to culture is based on our extensive and diverse experience.

Examples of representative experience include:

  • A culture review for a global hospitality business focussing on working practices, employment law requirements and levels of confidence around speaking up.
  • A workplace culture assessment for a global tech business focussing on team gender dynamics at one of its international offices.
  • Working with law firms to develop cultural assessments and understand the ways in which systematic bias impacts diversity and inclusion.
  • Creating accountability review processes for large, regulated entities.
  • Advising a large corporate organisation on its whistleblowing systems and controls.
  • Advising on #MeToo reviews and investigations.
  • Accountability reviews in financial services, assessing causative factors and apportionment of responsibilities.
  • Investigations into bullying, harassment and discrimination claims.
  • Development of mentoring and coaching programmes to improve employee engagement, diversity and inclusion.

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