A People


Our Commitments

To educate and support employers globally in people intelligence, culture, and investigations so that they operate businesses where risk is low, and inclusion, integrity and revenue thrive.

Our Mission articulates our purpose. We exist to help our clients and deliver the kind of unique service that is unparalleled by any other provider. We offer a holistic service combining inclusion, culture, risk, legal and advisory expertise that seeks to benefit our clients and help them to achieve their goals and manage their risks.

Our experience, commitment and dedication ensure that our clients receive practical and meaningful services and support.

We stand by our four values that underpin our mission and our services. We are accountable to these values and ensure that they are upheld to maintain high standards, excellence, and trust.

Our Values

We are people intelligence specialists. We innovate and strive for excellence and futureproof how we deploy our services to our clients so that over time they are self-sustaining and no longer require our support.

Without trust the work of people intelligence is not possible. We are trustworthy, genuine, and reliable. Our work matters to us and the clients we serve. Operating to the highest of standards without compromise and remaining consistent, steadfast, and lawful.

Always embracing diversity, never discriminating, or excluding. Seeking to navigate a way to ensure that workplaces and practices are inclusive and equitable.

Strong enough alone. With the skills and abilities to offer support or full outsourced services in multiple areas. Unbiased and fair. Helping to achieve our own and our clients’ aims, making sound recommendations, and striving to implement real change and protect brands, market position, people and reputations.