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DR VICKY BYRNE - Culture and Research
Intelligence Manager

Vicky is a sociologist with over a decade of research and teaching experience. Her areas of interest centre around considerations of social justice – asking questions about what is fair, how wealth, health, and opportunity are distributed, and what can be done to work towards fairness.

Vicky is a qualitative researcher, with past projects focussing on inequalities in health and wellbeing, identity politics, institutionalised discrimination, media representations of stigmatised groups, and strategies for improving educational attainment.

Her teaching experience includes lecturing across a variety of undergraduate courses within the social sciences, including, Sociology, Community Development, Health and Social Care, Behavioural Sciences, Criminology and Research Methods.

Vicky previously held the role of a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, working as part of the world-first, ‘Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) Programme’. The programme aims to improve health outcomes for people with learning disabilities.

She is also an Associate Consultant at the British Institute of Learning Disabilities where she is developing training materials for the ‘Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training Trial’ which will ensure staff working in health and social care receive learning disability and autism training.

When Vicky is not at a desk she will probably be out walking, watching Netflix, trying to paint with watercolours, reading, or spending time with family, friends and the dog (saved the best until last).