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The Whole Truth – Intersectional Mental Health: What Employers Need To Know

Recorded on Tuesday, 27 July 2021 – 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

About the webinar

Amid the global pandemic, employers have come to understand the human and commercial necessity of focusing on employee mental wellbeing. However, we are at risk of blanket policies and solutions for mental health support in the workplace that do not consider the individual needs of employees.

What does an employer need to know about intersectional mental health and how do they support the mental health of their employees through this lens?

Considering mental health using an ‘intersectional lens’ means considering the whole person, their experiences and individual needs in conjunction with the particular context in which they are working. An intersectional approach to mental health takes consideration of employee wellbeing and organisational impact to the next level. It is our belief that organisations that adopt an intersectional lens to employee mental health and wellbeing will reap the rewards in the short and long term.

Ahead of the release of our report, The Whole Truth: Intersectional Mental Health – A spotlight on why the intersection of individual experiences needs to be understood by today’s employers and actions for optimal workplace wellbeing, protecting positive culture and managing people risk, due for release in September 2021. This webinar explores:

  • What intersectional mental health is
  • What the research tells us
  • What we’re seeing within organisations navigating mental health in the workplace
  • The ways in which employers can act with practical applications to intersectionality and its impact on mental health, ultimately protecting positive workplace culture and managing people risk. 

About the panel

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Howlett Brown, Charlene Brown is joined by Yvette Forrester, Governance, Diversity and Inclusion specialist for Howlett Brown and Daniel K. Winterfeldt MBE QC (Hon) General Counsel for EMEA and Asia at Jefferies and Founder and Chair at InterLaw Diversity Forum.

The panel offer a wealth of experience in all people related matters and approach the subject of intersectional mental health in the workplace, supported by their knowledge in law, HR best practice, culture, mental health and compliance.

Webinar outcomes

  • Develop a wider understanding of intersectional mental health.
  • Gain a practical understanding of why employers should take an intersectional approach to mental health.
  • Understand how to apply the concept in the workplace to support and promote employee health and wellbeing, through recommendations and practical advice for employers.


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