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Training Employees On How To Recognise, Navigate And Reduce Microaggressions In The Workplace

Microaggressions can be subtle, difficult to spot and even harder to articulate.  Unaddressed, they can be harmful to individuals and workplace culture.  Individuals and organisations struggle to deal with microaggressions, and we have been asked by several clients to help them with training.   

We have therefore devised a training package to tackle the issue of microaggressions in the workplace and the training sessions have received great feedback.  

In August we delivered training on how to recognise, navigate and reduce microaggressions in the workplace, to 830 employees at one of our pharmaceutical clients.  

This specific training session is designed to help attendees to:  

  • Fully understand what is meant by ‘microaggressions’ and ‘bias’ and what these terms look like in the form of acts and behaviours. 
  • Realise and identify how these behaviours remain active in everyday life and the experiences of those involved. 
  • Harness practical skills and tools to increase resiliency and confidence when addressing and taking action against behaviours that are considered as microaggressions or a form of bias.  

Attendees told us that the training was informative, stimulating and thought provoking. They fed back that the use of examples, scenarios and discussions were very helpful in developing their knowledge and understanding. Many remarked that they had learnt something new as a result of the training and commented on their increased self-awareness and their intentions to act on this positively moving forward, with one attendee saying, “it’s given me time to reflect on how I can do better” and another committing to “challenging behaviours in a constructive manner.”  

Of the Howlett Brown facilitators, the attendees fed back that they were, “wonderful, clear, clever and candid,” and that they appreciated how they shared their own lived experiences to provide more context and provoke thought and discussion, which helped to enrich the value of the training session. One attendee commented that the, “clarity of definitions and putting examples into context by looking at scenarios was amazing.” 

It is not always easy to address topics such as bias and microaggressions but through our training and services, we aim to educate people and evoke positive change in the workplace. We do this sensitively and honestly through our content and by allowing attendees time to ask individual questions. 

All our training is accessible, and we can tailor our packages to meet the needs of our clients. For more information please contact us: